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My Frantic Frenzy

Purple stops popping

Metals lose luster

Objects grow tired and unaffected

Others leave little impression upon you.

Your light tarnished by little women in big houses built by evil hands

Why risk leaving~

Abandon stasis to deal with the devil?

Your lilies aren’t so white anymore.


You start to walk.

After blocks of plodding along through sticky snow,

You serendipitously surrender to the rhythm of the universe;

Allowing her to lift your every step until life seems less laborious.

Soon romantic notions unfold...

In the form of a checkered table cloth at a cozy “Italian” bistro.

He writes your name + his = heart on the paper placemat runner.

His cowboy smile wrangles around your heart.

Captured in the confines of your pollyanna persona,

He waits for you.

He waits for you to remember the first time your eyes met his.

Behind a covered wagon,

Thousands of full moons ago.

Too many trunks in wagon,

Your feet brought you to your fate.

And now that you believe,

Christmas lights start to sparkle.

With childlike brilliance,

They bring you back to your frozen valley.

The glow of the snow it lightens your heart.

And the bright moon strengthens your vision.

An evening stroll provides a much needed dose of optimism,

A glimpse into your core via stolen spruce in picture windows.

Every bobbling bulb a miniature crystal ball,

Reflecting precious memories you thought were only dreams.

You strain your eyes to see him,

But all you see is energy~~

Waves of consciousness pulling at your fraying heart strings,

You pine for his velvet embrace.

At last the lonely moon reveals a crystallized image~

Two lovers, hands locked, twirling in a frantic frenzy

Until the scrape of a snow plow interrupts,

And your dance with destiny dissolves into the frigid December air.

Once you catch your breath, You look at your mitten.

Beneath it fine lines measure moments that make up your fairytale ending, that has yet to begin outside of the your lovesick heart.

This tiny crooked hand holds the Ace of Wands and the warmth to thaw his heart.

Written on a cold December evening in 2008.



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