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vivybaby's Journal

7 November 1970
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A paradox of style, smarts and sensibilities; I make a better introvert than extrovert, but secretly long to be seen and desired. Children and animals seem drawn to me; kids often stare at me in supermarkets and cats suddenly appear on my stoop. I always recycle and/or create my own greeting cards. I don't like putting things in "boxes", or being put in a "box". I think and live well beyond the box. However, I do like being a full-blooded Norwegian, but the Vikings...they did get around and they did not live in boxes. I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit city girl, I'm a whole lotta girl when you take me outta the box. Now you can put me in a time machine, which I think is more of a rectangle? Quick, press rewind! NO, fast forward, rewind...I'm dizzy, perhaps I should stay outta those too? Here I am in the present; patiently waiting for the right somebody to rip off my wrapping paper and let me out.
a sentimental journey, abandon barns, abstract theory, art & design, birds, creative writing, feng shui, found object art, fresh snow after midnight, garfinkling experiments, hiking & biking, humanistic sociology, ice-skating, kitties in sunbeams, little tikes, mid-century design, museums, nature, norway, old folks, old lp's, oxytocin, poetry, poetry & poets, researching oddities, riddles & mystics, rock collecting, scrabble, slow dancing, sunsets & sunrises, symmetry & the asymmetrical, tea parties in cemeteries, treasure hunts, words